Chrome plating

To ensure an exceptional quality of chrome finishing, which does not need to fear installation in a state 1 vehicle, the chrome elements are restored as follows:

  • 1. Original detail
    Investigation of all elements. Preparation of detailed photographic documentation. Work time estimate.
  • 2. Preparation
    Removing of old galvanic coating, corrosion traces and other defects. To remove the old galvanic coating we use electrochemical and chemical methods.

  • 3. Detail’s repair
    Reconstruction of original form by metal work experts.

  • 4. Filing
    Filing of each single element with a special polishing machine. All stages of polishing are done manually.

  • 5. Copper planting
    Using a copper as a corrosion protection. Restoration through the corrosion damaged material.

  • 6. Polishing
    Polishing of every detail to get mirror brilliancy thanks to the sections, that need an additional treatment, become visible. After a seeable inspection an element is coated with nickel or copper and then is polished again. This process repeats manually until the perfect result will be reached.

  • 7. Nickel coating
    A nickel coating furthers durable corrosion protection.

  • 8. Chrome
    Coating Chrome gives hardness, wear capability of detail. Chrome-plated parts are not only easy to clean, but also add perfect luster.

  • 9. Quality control
    After the final polishing and last clean each item is quality controlled to ensure compliance with the requirements of the highest quality.

Rational investment and the object of passion, we can combine these two concepts and bring your dreams and ideas into reality.